A seat when unfolded, a bag when closed. A unique new leisure backpack from The North Face.

1 year ago

As the season gets hotter, reducing the amount you are carrying is recommended. Here we have discovered the perfect backpack to accompany your spring outdoor activities, such as going for a picnic and watching the cherry blossom bloom! This season’s new “Escape Pack” from “THE NORTH FACE” is a unique backpack that transforms into a leisure seat when unfolded.

The escape pack features a bellows-like shape that opens up like a purse. The asymmetrical assorted colors are reminiscent of 90’s outdoor items. It should also be noted it is made from discarded fabrics left over from the production of other items so it is also very environmentally friendly. Escape Pack ¥ 14300

The fabric is made of 210 denier recycled nylon with a water-repellent finish, which is durable enough for the outdoors, and has plenty of storage such as side and front pockets in addition to the main storage compartment, so the practicality as a backpack is also perfect!

The shape can be changed from a bag to a seat instantly by opening and closing with the draw-cord and two buckles on the outer circumference of the circle, and it can also easily used as a scaffolding or luggage storage. The color scheme which resembles the earth floating in space is eye catching and in addition to this, gray and black are also available.