Casio brand’s first eco-model is born from the popular outdoor watch series “Pro Trek”.

1 year ago

From CASIO’s authentic outdoor watch series “PRO TREK”, the first Casio brand model that uses eco-friendly materials has been released, helping to revive the company as a “nature-loving brand”.

PRW-61Y-3JF ¥59400

Biomass plastic, a material that is expected to reduce the burden on the environment, is used while maintaining a comfortable fit and high visibility. Of course, it maintains the outdoor specifications such as a triple sensor that measures direction, altitude / barometric pressure, and temperature, as well as tough solar, and water resistant to 10 bar.

The case itself is a moderate size, so it does not interfere with the movement of the wrist and is comfortable. Excellent solar panelling eliminates the need for regular battery replacement. Standard radio waves are also automatically received. It is equipped with a high-brightness fully automatic double LED light, and the stainless steel bezel engraved with the city code is IP-treated.

Biomass plastics made from renewable organic resources such as castor seeds and components extracted from corn are expected to have the effect of suppressing CO2 emissions.

Glass fiber reinforced resin is used for the case and urethane resin is used for the band to maintain durability and wear-ability.

High-strength engineering plastic is used for the back cover.

In addition to the above model with olive as the main color, there is a lineup of 2 types of black. (Left) The silver bezel is an accent. PRW-61-1AJF ¥ 57200, (Right) IP processing is applied to the bezel. PRW-61Y-1BJF ¥ 59400

This is the latest version of the Pro Trek, which is overwhelmingly popular as an outdoor watch and symbolic of Casio. It can be said that this is one for outdoor enthusiasts who want to live in harmony with nature, born from environmentally friendly manufacturing.