The dog accessory brand “Gris” by Muraco has started. Check out this collection of monotone chic dog goods.

2 years ago

The outdoor brand “Muraco” is well known for its use of solid color and high quality. Shinwa Co., Ltd., which develops the same brand, has launched the dog accessory brand “Gris”. They are planning to release an unprecedented level of chic product, so lovers of dogs and the outdoors should check it out.

The dog accessory brand “Gris” will be launched this summer. Most dog wear is colorful, flashy, and for small dogs. Therefore, they are planning a line-up of products that use solid colors that are typical of Muraco, and sizes that are suitable for even large dogs.

For the first collection, colors, leashes, jackets, etc. will be released. Climbing ropes will be used for the collar and leash. The selection of materials unique to Muraco will be utilized in making these dog accessories, and the rainwear will have excellent water repellency.

Prior to launch, Gris will exhibit at the event “Interpet” (3 / 31-4 / 3) held at the Tokyo Big Sight. Check it out if you’re an outdoors fan that also enjoys camping with your dog.