L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder. Innovative outdoor wear with a New York street flavor.

6 months ago

From “L.L.Bean”, which continues to produce American venerable outdoor casual wear, the spring-summer collection in collaboration with menswear designer TODD SNYDER has finally been unveiled.

The new collaboration between the two, which first began in 2020, has a novel design that reflects the street style of New York, with many unique items that are worth checking out!

Packable Anorak Colorblock with Recycled Nylon ¥27500

The Anorak Parka, is a classic outdoor pullover item, that has been sublimated into a modern design by Todd Snyder. The parka is accented with a duck pattern on the lining hidden in within the simple navy design. It is also packable so that is easy to carry and will be very convenient to use in a variety of situations.

Oeganic French Terrry Crewneck Sweatshirt Graphic ¥18700

Next is a hoodie with a bold design that features a fish motif and a college-style lettered design. The bicolor pockets and hood accentuate the design, making it easy to mix and match your outfit from everyday life to the outdoors. The sweatshirt hoodie is a must-have item for spring before it gets too hot.

Climbing Shorts with Recycled Nyron ¥16500

There are also environmentally friendly shorts made from recycled nylon. The simple beige and gray is a classic style that is easy to mix with casual styles. The belt strap that has a uniquely outdoors aesthetic is also a nice design point.

While inheriting the classic casual style, this new collection is finished in a design that fits into modern lifestyles. Black and khaki tech outfits are also a trendy style, but the core is still true American casual style.