Who is Punk Drunkers?

3 years ago

Who is Punk Drunkers?

Based on the concept of ‘uncool is cool’, Punk Drunkers is a brand that is difficult to classify by traditional means. Their collection features unique blends of both western and Japanese styles that really help to bring out the personality of the wearer. The eye-catching designs are sure to draw attention on the streets.


Styling with an emphasis on playfulness via graphics and stitchwork.

The Reversible ‘PDS x PAC-MAN’ PAC-MA1 can be styled on both sides. The essence of Punk Drunkers is the charm of the embroidery and graphics that make you smile and feel happy even though it’s daily use wear.

Punk Drunkers specialize in high-impact prints and graphics that are difficult to forget. If you get tired of one styling combination trying a different item on from the same brand can immediately invigorate your style with exceptional balance.

This set up features Jersey and New Jersey motifs. One of Punk Drunkers strong points is making items that take influence from a variety of sources and making casual motifs from them.


Punk Drunkers head shop located in residential Sendagaya.

‘Taka no Tsume’ or Hawks Claw is 2 minutes walk away from Sendagaya station. In addition to Punk Drunkers, they also stock Ojisan which is another label centered around miscellaneous goods. Throughout the whole collection, the brand stays true to its roots of ‘Uncool is Cool’


■Taka no Tsume

1-19-12 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Sky Heights 1F


Punk Drunkers collection will increase your spirits just by wearing it. It is a must see for a unique line up that features original takes on popular motifs as well as collaborations with many other brands and industries.

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■PUNK DRUNKERS OFFICIAL HP    https://www.punk-d.com/