The new brand “Onoma.Lab” has started with a functional open-collared shirt.

1 year ago

Functionality and beautiful design that is just at home in out outdoors as it is for daily use in the city are perfect additions to any wardrobe. A new brand “onoma.lab” has started, which creates such items that combine design and function with free thikning ideas.

In line with the concept of “be as you are”, they develop mindful products that incorporate the creator’s thought and feelings. For the 1st season, 2 types of short sleeve shirts are available.

While paying homage to classic open collar shirts, they both have a unique sense of originality.


In addition to the semi-double finish on the front, the large-capacity pocket is centered for easy access. The slit on the side expands the range of movement, and by intentionally shortening the length of the front panel of the main body, it creates a refreshing unique impression.

The shirt is designed with Taslan stretch material that combines UV protection, quick drying, and cool contact feeling. Along with eliminating unpleasant stickiness that can be experienced during hot and humid weather, the firm texture gives a clean impression.


A print version features a vintage bandana motif, based on the design and materials of the previous item. The asymmetrical textile is visually very impressive.

The same item also has small details that are popular among outdoor wear, such as buttons on the side slits and ventilation on the yoke.

This is an ambitious project that reflects the crossover design, which is typical of Onoma Lab, and will be launched from mid-April. How will they connect design and function next season? We feel this is a brand that outdoor fans can expect a lot from in the future.

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