A must-see collaboration from Nexus Seven based on the famous series by General Research.

1 year ago

A collaboration between the legendary brand GENERAL RESEARCH, which is the roots of Mountain Research, and “NEXUS VII.”, Which has been a leading influence in street culture since 2001, has been realized. There are two models available that combine the individuality of both brands with the outdoors, and they are likely to sell out fast.

Injecting the essence of two major brands into a body made of 60/40 cloth.

N-20 PARASITE ¥93500

The two models available are a short type N-20 mountain parka and a type H-21Harrington jacket. This is a combination of Nexus Seven’s classic staple items and the PARASITE series that General Research developed in the 90’s. A pocket unique to this collaboration series is placed on the back to make this a true one of a kind outerwear.

H-21 PARASITE ¥88000

The fabric is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% nylon, which is the staple fabric mix used in vintage outdoors wear. The design and beauty of the garments is something that can only be achieved by two power house brands collaborating in this way. It is expected that it will be difficult to get your hands on, so we recommend checking it out early if you are interested.