A new model of Post O’Alls made with a French twill & military design in a unique jade color.

12 months ago

“POST O’ALLS”, base their designs on a mix of vintage wear such as work, military, and outdoors, and now a military khaki remix collection that uses French twill will appear. This lineup based on the khaki theme, which is synonymous with military items, is easy to use in a wide range of scenes.

Jade cotton which is elegant yet has a vintage feel.

BDU-R ¥50600

The classic jacket features asymmetrical pockets, and the French twill is inspired by the jewel beetle cotton gabardine found in old trench coats. They have resized it to a slightly oversized silhouette so that the sleeves can be rolled up naturally making the most of the soft materials.


There are also new cargo pants with gusseted pockets on both sides. In addition to the easy specifications of the elastic waist, pleats and belts are also incorporated in the back to create a loose fit that is comfortable to wear. There is also a patch pocket inside the cargo pocket, making it easy to store small items.

E-Z WALKABOUT Shorts ¥29700

There will also be cargo shorts available with the same design as the full length type. All of them can be used habitually for a long time thanks to the carefully selected materials, and you can also enjoy the aging over time. This unique selection of higher-grade military wear that can be used seamlessly from the outdoors to the city will be released on May 1st (Sun), so don’t miss out!