A collaboration G-SHOCK featuring Yu Nagaba’s playful outdoor illustrations.

12 months ago

“G-SHOCK” is loved all over the world as a symbol for shock-resistant watches. A collaboration model with popular artist Yu Nagaba has been released from “MY G-SHOCK” which can be customized based on the iconic series “5600”.

DWE-5610YU ¥18700

Based on the square form of “MY-G-SHOCK DWE-5610”, Mr. Nagaba’s artwork is expressed in simple lines like with the theme of “mountains”. The simple design makes the hand-drawn illustrations stand out.

In addition to the EL backlight, the band and bezel, the back cover, and even the packaging feature this exclusive artwork. All the characters and items drawn are taken from Mr. Nagaba’s own personal impressions and experience of the mountains.

Three types of coloring are available: white, green, and skeleton. You can choose the band & band loop face bezel from the above three colors and customize it to your liking.

This collaboration series is great as a simple summer fashion item, and is also ideal as an accessory to liven up outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing. It can be purchased not only from the MY G-SHOCK website but also from the smartphone app “CASIO WATCHES”.