Milestone & master-piece. A ground breaking backpack that can make full use of headlamps is here!

12 months ago

Master-piece, which continues to produce functional and fashionable bags, has created a unique backpack in collaboration with the outdoor brand “milestone”. Not only does it have a toga function, but the attention to detail and careful selection of the materials used is excellent.

The fabric is flame-retardant and has a good texture.

milestone x master-piece backpack M ¥ 44000

The military-style fabric used is a durable No. 11 flame-retardant canvas. Different materials are used for the warp and weft threads, and it has been dyed in different shades to create a deep texture. The “limiting oxygen index”, which is the standard used for measuring burn resistance, is 26 or more (about 18 for ordinary cotton), and of course, it is also water repellent.

A milestone headlamp “MS-G2 / USB Multi Function Model” is also attached, and it can be affixed to various parts of the backpack with a special sub-belt. The belt when used as a headlamp features mater-piece’s original camouflage.


A gimmick that can make full use of headlamps.

If you install a headlamp in the front storage space, it becomes a lantern shade. The linear light of the headlamp is diffused, so it becomes possible to illuminate the surroundings softly. It’s a unique gimmick that is perfect for times when you want to remove your backpack and take a break.

If you attach the headlamp to the shoulder belt, it can be used as a foot lamp. When moving in the dark, the visibility of the ground can be improved while keeping both of your hands free.

By attaching it to the back, it also serves to inform you of your whereabouts. Few users may travel outdoors at night, but it’s definitely useful for commuting to work or school.

Although not directly related to headlamps, there is also a gimmick that enhances its functionality as a backpack. The chest belt is equipped with a whistle (left), and the slider of the main fastener can be attached with a lock of your choice.


The series consists of 4 models and 3 colors each.

(Left) milestone x master-piece backpack L ¥ 55000

(Middle) milestone x master-piece 2way tote bag ¥ 44000

(Right) milestone x master-piece shoulder bag ¥ 29700

In addition to the “Backpack M” mentioned above, three items in total were created in collaboration with Milestone. In addition to the khaki shown in the photo, camel and navy colors are available in each model (see the image gallery at the end of the article).

This collaboration series is packed with an indescribable commitment to quality, such as the reflect tape and the brand name of “master-piece” that changes color according to heat. We highly recommend this to anyone who is a connoisseur of functional gear.

You can purchase these items at the official brand online store or the official MSPC store (actual store).