F/CE’s fleece wear utilizes sparkling materials and super lightweight and strong high loft down. 

4 years ago

Although the afternoons are still warm enough, before long the nights will grow cold so it’s a good time to start checking out the new autumn line ups. We have discovered a highly versatile item from F/CE that can be worn as an outer now and double as an inner during the full winter.

Every season the brands theme is based around the culture of one country. This season they have selected the UK as the theme and the traditional ‘class consciousness’ that is routed in old British culture is interwoven into the clothing. Among the collection the tops that use Polartech fleece have a unique design that is lightweight but within a thick warming atmosphere.


Among the Polartech fleece collection, this crew neck type uses high loft down that excels in being a lightweight fabric with high heat retention. The jet black logo embroidery is also eye catching and a key point of the piece.


The zip-up jacket also uses the same high loft down as the crew neck. In addition to the use of high quality nylon fabric, the plastic fastener shines like metal and gives a luxury aesthetic to the garment.

The new collection expresses the image of British workers while infusing cutting edge materials and design that is synonymous with F/CE. While the fleece jacket is an outdoor staple this new design is also unmistakably a fashion piece.

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