A functional mini bag from Master-Piece and Yosemite Strap is great for outdoor adentures.

1 year ago

A collaboration between the domestic bag brand “master-piece” and the familiar “YOSEMITE STRAP” well known for their camera straps that resemble climbing ropes. They have a collaboration lineup of bags and mobile straps that are easy to use even when camping and at festivals.

YOSEMITE STRAP × master-piece「mobile strap with pouch」¥17050

The collaboration collection between Master-piece and Yosemite Strap features 2 types of bags that are perfect for storing small items just like a sacoche when camping, traveling, and at festivals, as well as 1 type of mobile strap.

YOSEMITE STRAP × master-piece「mobile strap with kinchaku」¥18700

The bags are the “mobile strap with kinchaku” that features a Yosemite mobile strap and a Master-piece drawstring pouch, and the “mobile strap with pouch” that has a zipper pouch. Both are accented with a yellow strap that stands out well, which is the brand color of Master-piece developed as the accent for this collaboration.

YOSEMITE STRAP × master-piece「mobile strap」¥9900

The drawstring pouch and zipper pouch are available in three colors: black, beige, and saxophone. The mobile strap on its own is available in black only.

■MSPC master-piece.co.jp/