A tough tote bag with a large capacity by Carhartt WIP and Ramidus is on sale only in Japan.

5 months ago

This is a collaboration between “Carhartt WIP”, which is derived from the world famous work brand representing the US, and “RAMIDUS”, a bag brand that inherits the genes of Head Porter. The result is a bag that is tough and has a large capacity, but it’s also stylish and you will want to make the most of using it outside.

A perfect fusion of the identities of the two brands.

Carhartt WIP × RAMIDUS TOTE BAG ¥13200〜14850

Two styles, a Carhartt-like duck canvas fabric and a polyethylene material that can withstand bad weather are used for the tote bag that also has perfect storage capacity. The exquisitely long strap can be carried both by hand and on the shoulder which features the Ramidus logo, which is a symbol of the collaboration.

Carhartt WIP × RAMIDUS TOTE BAG ¥12100〜13750

Both models are available in two sizes L and LL. These are products that can only be created by the collaboration of these two work-wear and bag specialists. The impactful logo will add an accent to both daily and outdoor styles.

■Carhartt WIP carhartt-wip.jp/