Narifuri & Ace’s collaboration backpack for cycling with air ventilation that prevents sweating and stuffiness is here!

11 months ago

Narifuri, are a fashion brand that creates items that combine functionality and design for bicycles, and they have now developed a business bag as part of their second collaboration with the bag brand Ace.

Ace usually develops a lot of bags aimed at the business scene, and even for Narifuri, this is called “The Tsukin (commuter) Tool” and is designed for users who commute to work by bicycle. The “Lapack-air V2-NF2”, which was only made possible by the two brands teaming up, is the best commuting tool you can find!

ace.×narifuri/airV2-NF2 ¥31900

The biggest feature of this bag is the air ventilation function on the back. It has a structure that features excellent heat dissipation using a piano wire frame and mesh, and the back part is curved to secure an air passage. Furthermore, by combining the uneven 3D mesh shoulder pads and lumbar pads, the “stuffiness” that is a problem when commuting by bicycle is eliminated!

A wire mesh patterned reflector is printed on the side pockets. While enhancing safety at night, it is also appealing by combining a dot pattern with the brand logo.

The body uses a polyester and nylon blend ripstop fabric. Although it is a simple color with a dark tone, it looks clean and very durable.

Furthermore, it is made resistant to both rain and water by applying a water-repellent finish and adopting a coated fastener. Unless it’s very stormy weather, you don’t have to worry about getting your laptop, gadgets, or documents wet.

It has 2 air chambers and can store a 15.6-inch PC or B4 file. It’s also nice to have a PET bottle pocket and an organizer pocket so that you can sort out what you need for the day’s work easily.

This bag, which completely eliminates stuffiness and sweating while riding and is well matched to suits and jackets, is perfect not only for bicycles, but also for motorcycles and commuting by foot! It is also recommended for cycling in private. We especially recommend checking this out for the coming rainy season!

■narifuri tokyo tel:03-3403-3007