10 times the durability! The world’s first Cordura shoelace that’s perfect for active lifestyles.

9 months ago

CORDURA is a material that many outdoors enthusiasts will be familiar with, it is used for tough clothing, backpacks and boots for military use, and now the world’s first shoelace using this material is here! A shoelace this tough has never been seen before and will be a fantastic ally when it comes to sports and activities like trekking that involve a lot of intense movements in often harsh environments.


Cordura is a tough fabric with 10 times the wear strength and 2 times the tensile strength of common fabrics, and this is the first time it has ever been used for shoelaces. The person in charge of Invista Japan, which develops the Cordura brand, also admitted that they had not considered using it for shoelaces in the past.

The brand FORCE A BETTER, which produces the world’s first Cordura pack T-shirts and military-spec T-shirts under the concept of “plus ONE function”, is behind this new innovative idea. It is said that it was first developed after many attempts of trial and error and the Japanese factory.

Shoelaces can often break when doing activities like performing an ollie on a skateboard or catching on rocks while mountain climbing, however thanks to the Cordura material this is no longer an issue.

The FORCE A BETTER logo and the CORDURA logo are cleverly incorporated into the tip of the shoelace. This is an item that can add excellent durability to your favorite sneakers.

There are two types available, a reflective and a basic type, as well as two different lengths, 80 cm which is ideal for most sneakers with 4 to 5 holes, and 120 cm, which is suitable for trekking shoes and middle-cut sneakers with 5 to 7 holes. The colors are white and black, respectively, and a total of eight combinations are available.

The packaging is also carefully thought out and can also be used as a coin or card case.

It will be on sale from May 14, 2022 at FORCE A BETTER’s official online store.


Size: 80cm / 120cm

Color: White, Black

Material: CORDURA 100% nylon

■FORCE A BETTER tel:042-682-5444 forceabetter.com/