The new full length dungaree shirt from Post O’Alls is based on a rare military item!

1 year ago

POST O’ALLS will release a workwear collection called the “Military Dungarees Remix” based on military dungarees made from government-supplied denim material provided by the U.S. military to soldiers. It is planned for release on the 21st of May.

Post O’Alls, which has been producing various dungaree-derived items since the brand first started will release 3 exclusive 3 types of classic U.S. ARMY pullover shirt, derived from the USMC denim coveralls from before the 1930s, which are incredibly rare within the vintage world.

USMC 3 pocket Utility Jacket(1930s version) ¥41800

First of all, is a jacket that’s a reproduction of a coverall jacket from before the 1930s that designer Takeshi Obuchi previously owned. In fact, in the latter half of the 2000s, it was a mysterious item that was sampled in the joint projects “NAVAL RESERCH” and “PRISONER RESEARCH” between Research and Post O’Alls.

The key points are the unique details such as 3 pockets of the same size, unique button arrangement, and the simple box silhouette. It will be available in 8oz denim and chambray material.

ARMY Shirt ¥35200

The next item is an army shirt that has been made since the brands debut. By skillfully combining the elements of many vintage army shirts that Mr. Takeshi Obuchi used in his private life, the simple and unique design has the dynamic mood of American workwear during the golden age of workwear.

For this limited model, the length is made a little longer than the original, making it more compatible to wear with shorts.

E-Z ARMY-NAVY Shorts Special ¥27500

In addition, this time, they are also developing new military easy shorts that mix the details of both the US.ARMY and US.NAVY. This model is a combination of the old US.NAVY pants that has no out-seam from World War II and the prewar fatigue pants.

The waist area has been made easier to adjust the fit of the original material. For this limited model, the back pockets are changed to having a classic right pocket only. The finish is reminiscent of US.NAVY dungaree pants from the World War I period.

This is masterpiece collection completed by making full use of the personal collection of the designer and knowledge of dungarees acquired over many years.