Meanswhile sublimates a military vest into a simple urban wear with a water repellent and stretchable material.

1 year ago

From Meanswhile, a tactical vest with a British military motif has appeared. It features excellent stretchability and water repellency, and achieves a high level of balance between function and design.

Crisp Nylon Body Armor Vest ¥41800

The base of the design is the British tactical vest. Most of the original material you see in second-hand clothing stores is flashy, such as dessert camo, and there are plenty of details such as pockets and velcro, that make them not the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Meanswhile has added a waist pocket to the military vest, and by adding details such as checking the design of the chest pocket, it is reconstructed into an everyday wear item.

As with the original model, the sides have slits, but both sides around the back are extended to increase cold protection. By introducing a hand warmer pocket to this extended part, it is also made more convenient. The material is a paper-like elastic polyester fabric with stretchability and good water repellency.

Crisp Nylon Luggage Cargo Shorts ¥30800

They also have a lineup of slash pocket cargo shorts that use the same material and incorporate details that are synonymous with cargo pants and slacks.

They feature a two-tuck design, amd the volume of the tack and the presence of the cargo pockets arranged at a slight angle are give the pants just the right accent. It is possible to improve the fit with the webbing belt at the waist. In addition, the inside of the cargo pocket has a built-in holder so storage is also perfect.

Meanswhile’s new vest, is based on a strong military background, but is tailored to become a more modern urban outfit with a unique style. I have a feeling that it goes well with old-fashioned military items.