The outdoor line from the prestigious denim brand Lee is now here! A lot of functional wear using 3 tough materials.

1 year ago

Lee is touted as one of the world’s three major denim brands. It has a long history, and it was founded by Mr. Henry David Lee in Kansas in 1899. From such a prestigious denim brand, this season they have launched their first full-scale outdoor line called “Lee OUTDOORS”.

The line up focuses on three functional materials, “flame-retardant denim”, “10oz ARMYDUCK”, and “Dirty Guard”, Lee’s classic items such as the “loco jacket” and “overalls” have been modified to outdoor specifications using these new materials. Lee’s new line, is fully equipped with the functions and durability required for outdoor activities, but has designs that are also fashionable and can be worn in the city.

Flame-retardant denim that’s perfect for bonfires!

Loco jacket ¥ 17600

Lee’s first flame-retardant denim wear with self-extinguishing properties that uses flame-retardant modacrylic fiber for the warp and weft of the denim which extinguishes fire immediately. Lee’s classic denim wear, such as coveralls and painter pants, have been re-imagined into flame-retardant wear perfect for wearing next to a bonfire.

Double knee painter pants ¥ 17600

Since the fiber itself is flame-retardant, its function is not lost by washing and it keeps its durability. This is a series that allows you to enjoy the aging over time typical to denim while having the optimum flame retardant performance needed for the outdoors.


Military style with an attractive army duck fabric.

Camping apron ¥ 16500

The high-density army duck material used for military supplies such as US military tents has been faithfully reproduced, and the warp and weft has been updated to use a flame-retardant Modacrylic fiber.


Furthermore, the flame-retardant performance is improved by combining flame-retardant pigment and coating processing. The surface coating process is also used for military tents, and it is hydrophilic which means it has the effect of preventing water from entering, so it will definitely be useful during rainy summer seasons where the weather can often change suddenly.


Stay clean outdoors with the Dirty Guard fabric.


This is a series with high anti-stain performance against oil and other water-soluble stains such as mud stains and coffee that can often dirty your clothes outdoors. Any dirt that has stuck to the wear can be easily removed by home washing, and this is suitable to wear for many years to come so the cost performance is also excellent.


It is also excellent that these functional properties are highly durable and do not deteriorate even after repeated washing.

* They do not use PFOA or PFOS for anti-stain treatment.

Although denim wear is historically compatible with the outdoors in terms of both functionality and looks, Lee’s new line has been made more suitable and stylish by adopting modern functional materials. If you are looking for a stylish edge to add to your outdoors wardrobe we highly recommend checking this new collection out!