Grip Swany and collaborate with Koti B & Y for exclusive wear, with large storage and an urban look.

8 months ago

A wardrobe made from “GRIP SWANY”’s Supplex Nylon, which is as soft and comfortable as cotton and also possesses amazing quick-drying properties.

“Koti BEAUTY & YOUTH” have teamed with them to create bespoke clothing based on things that will appeal to campers. It features exclusive coloring with a clean design, including a deep navy color reminiscent of the lakeside and gray that represent the city.

GEAR SHIRT2.0 ¥13750

By attaching the usual chest pockets to the waist area, it is convenient for daily use and at the same time adds fashionability. With its wide silhouette and armholes, it can also be used as a light outerwear during chilly seasons. The sleeves also have straps that can be fastened when rolled up.

GEAR PANTS2.0 ¥14300

The pants feature a wide silhouette with a gentle taper from the knees to the hem, with a design that does not require a bag because it includes a total of nine pockets. In addition to the 2-tuck specification on the front, the pants feature an excellent range of motion.


Lastly is the shorts version of the GEAR PANTS 2.0. It features a clean wide silhouette, and a below the knee length, as well as side cargo pockets that are a flap type with the inner zip not exposed.

The functional design of Grip Swany has been combined with the urban coloring of Koti Beauty & Youth. This is a collaborative, one-of-a-kind collection that allows you to freely move between the field and the city.