Outstanding visibility and a large size model has appeared from the leading outdoor watch series “Pro Trek”.

1 year ago

A new model has appeared in the “PRO TREK” series, the leading figure of outdoor watches developed by CASIO. While adopting environmentally friendly biomass plastic, the high functionality synonymous with Pro Trek is of course alive and well. On top of that, visibility for outdoors use has been improved.

Sporty Arabian index watch face.

PRW-6611Y-1JF ¥57200

It’s become a hot topic recently that Pro Trek has begun to adopt eco-friendly biomass plastics, and a number of these models are already out in the wild. The key feature of this model is the large face with outstanding visibility, and the wide-diameter dial has an Arabian index that is clear and easy to see. The needle is also big and visibility is further improved.

It is easy to see when using outdoors while also having high functionality that can measure atmospheric pressure, altitude, and temperature. It also has an excellent and stylish design that makes it fine as a fashion accessory.

A simple white face that catches the eye.

PRW-6621Y-1JF ¥57200

It has a simple face with a large bar index. The contrast with the dial, including the hands, is vivid and the visibility is excellent. As with the PRW-6611Y-1JF mentioned earlier, a target guide is engraved in the center of the soft urethane band to improve the legibility when using the compass etc. By the way, the material used for the band is called Tokorokoshi.

Both models are currently available for reservation on the official Pro Trek website.