The Audio-Technica outdoor brand has started! Camping gear made in Japan to be released!

1 year ago

Audio-Technica, an audio brand from Japan, has entered the outdoor market! They will launch a new outdoor brand called “AUTEC CAMP” in early summer 2022.

Audio-Technica, are well known for their wireless headphones, and they started manufacturing pickup cartridges for record players in 1962. In addition to continuing to manufacture pickup cartridges handmade in Japan, they have the largest market share in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, etc., for analog record turntables, showing their continued support for musical culture worldwide.

It might seem a little sudden for Audio-Technica to launch an outdoor brand, but in fact, this year, Audio-Technica celebrates its 60th anniversary, and they have announced a new corporate brand message to become “more analog.” Camping to enjoy the simplicity and lack of technology in nature is, in a sense, the ultimate from of “analog”. I’m looking forward to seeing how the company culture cultivated in the world of music will be applied to camping as they pursue their ideals of an “analog” lifestyle.

Details of the items that will be available under the new brand have not yet been revealed, but multiple camping gear items including a bonfire will be released. All of them are made in Japan, and the items will be full of originality with particular attention paid to the storage size, durability, design, etc. We are highly anticipating the brand debut in early summer 2022.