A smart-phone speaker made from duralumin, released by the outdoor coffee brand Zebrang!

1 year ago

The world-famous coffee equipment maker “HARIO” develops coffee gear for the outdoors under the brand name “Zebrang”. As previously introduced in this article, there are items that let you enjoy a full-fledged coffee experience outdoors, and now they have announced a new addition!

Self-sound ¥ 19800

This is a speaker that does not require electricity and can be used simply by docking a smart-phone. Zebrang is a brand that provides an outdoor “coffee experience” rather than simply coffee equipment. They have developed a speaker focused on the environment where you spend your coffee break.

The main body is made from duralumin which suppresses unnecessary vibration and clears the outline of the sound. You can also control the direction of the sound by using the attached parts, so you can enjoy music outdoors while considering the surroundings.

The rugged beauty of the design will also help enrich your outdoor coffee break.



Size: W115 × D58 × H36mm

Dock size: 90 x 12.5 mm

Weight: 460g


It will only be sold at Hario’s official online shop. However it will also be exhibited and sold at “FIELD STYLE SEASIDE MARKET 2022” from May 21st to 22nd.