The North Face’s masterpiece poncho is perfect during the rainy season and for festivals!

1 year ago

We are entering rainy season, when the weather is unpredictable not only during outdoor activities but also in the city, there an easily portable poncho is a necessity. “THE NORTH FACE” has a full lineup of excellent ponchos available that combine style with functionality.

Made of functional materials that are both waterproof and allow moisture to escape for a comfortable fit.

Taguan Poncho ¥ 26400

By adopting a 2.5-layer structure of Haevent, they have ensured a higher level of waterproofing and breathability. In addition, back ventilation and a large mesh pocket on the chest allow sweat to evaporate efficiently even in the summer. The design is similar to the classic mountain jacket, so it’s easy to use in town too.

Tapt Poncho ¥ 29700

Made of a stretchy bio-derived nylon, it is highly mobile and can be used for trekking in the rain. By applying 3D printing to the inner surface, it is less sticky, and the synergistic effect with excellent moisture permeability makes it comfortable to wear even in hot weather. It comes with a vertically long staff sack that is easy to store in the side pocket of a backpack.

Access poncho ¥ 16500

This is a classic poncho type that can be put on and taken off quickly thanks to the access zippers on both sides, so it is perfect in situations such as camping and at festivals. The material is a highly functional Haevent, so it stops you from getting stuffy, and the uneven lining helps to draw sweat from the skin. The fact that it is a universal design that is easy to match to any outfit is also a key point.

All models can be stored in the attached compact sized pouch, so it is easy to store in another bag and take out only when you need it. It’s oversized so you can wear it over your backpack on your back, so they are also perfectly sized to wear with typically loose fitting summer clothing. If you are looking for a higher grade of waterproof wear then make sure to check these latest ponchos out!