Outdoor Products classic bag is re-imagined with denim and reflectors bespoke to Beams in an XL size!

1 year ago

In the summertime of course it becomes more common to wear light clothing such as T-shirts and shorts both outdoors and in the city. Outdoor lovers who also want to stay fashionable can rely on accessories to help elevate summer outfits that are often simple. How about a limited bag that leaves a lasting impression?

This season, BEAMS has created a 2 types of bespoke bags with the season concept of “all of your camp goods packed in one bag”. The other party for this collaboration project is OUTDOOR PRODUCTS, which is a leader of the global outdoor scene from the United States.

Based on the XL size of the brand’s classics the “Roll Boston Bag” and “Daypack”, the material has been changed from nylon to cotton denim. There are many excellent details such as fasteners, handles, pockets, and daisy chains, making it perfect to also be used as a camping bag. The reflectors are also a great design point!

Runaway Boston Bag / Runaway Back Pack ¥22000/each

They will be released on May 31st (Tuesday). While fashionably finished with the usual BEAMS-like style, both the size and small details are properly designed for the outdoors. Upgrade your outdoors fashion this summer by adding the right accessories like these exclusive bags!