A versatile, high-tech shirt from CCP with a minimalist look, that can expand, contract, is quick-drying and is water repellant.

3 weeks ago

“CCP” aims to create must wear items that become essential to daily life that crosses over from the outdoors to city life. Now they have released a functional summer shirt that can be used both actively and for formal occasions.

The smooth material gives it a relaxed fit, and the design is full of unique gimmicks, which makes it a great choice for this summer.

SS-LB05 ZIP-PK ¥29700

This is a functional shirt that uses a thin, dry-touch, strong-twisted polyester material that resembles a summer kimono. It has stretchability, quick-drying properties, and is water-repellent, so it can be used seamlessly from outdoor activities to city use.

Two bead pockets are placed on the top and bottom of the ZIP gusset on both sides. The storage capacity is also excellent, so it’s great for minimalist outfits when you don’t want to carry a bag. The back is pleated to keep plenty of space, making it an ideal item for being active. The back hem can be adjusted with a spindle, so you can change the silhouette to match the occasion you want to wear it in.

The one-tone and simple look makes it an attractive shirt that is easy to incorporate into any styling. We highly recommend this to add a versatile shirt to your summer wardrobe!

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