Hestrada’s new tie-dye style tank top is bespoke to Loftman for this summer.

3 weeks ago

“LOFTMAN”, which has grown into a popular shop at the national level despite being based in Kansai, has ordered bespoke tank tops from “HESTRADA Gee-Wiz” from Osaka, which has a good reputation for their cut-and-sew items. These tank tops are a staple item of the brand but have been made even more desirable with this collaboration.

A loose size and irregular tie-dye style create a natural look.

Switch TANK TOP SP ¥5500

It comes with a pocket on the right chest, and the tank top is dyed unevenly, featuring a wide shoulder opening that gives it a relaxed silhouette. It is of course perfect to use as an inner but it has been brushed up enough so that it also perfect as a main top for this summer. The comfortable body made of 100% cotton and the exquisite looseness are perfect for spending time chilling outdoors.

It will be on sale at LOFTMAN B.D., LOFTMAN COOP UMEDA, and LOFTMAN EQ’s online store. The natural colors and relaxed silhouettes are perfect for festivals and camps and are guaranteed to come in handy if you add them to your wardrobe. You won’t regret getting both the orange and purple colors!

■LOFTMAN EQ eq.loftman.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=25257