The Kamide Oniken Project by Mountain Research and Common Education is back!

8 months ago

The flagship store of “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH” called the “Research GENERAL STORE” and “COMMON EDUCATION” who are known for making comfortable clothes are back again with a much loved collaboration. The much talked about project “THE BOOTLEG GIFT SHOP” by both parties will start be back this season as well.

Re-imagining the classic Mountain Research graphics to make it a bootleg style.


The idea of this project is that Common Education re-imagines iconic items and graphics from Mountain Research. The latest version of this project also has “bootlegs” that have a unique design on sweatshirts and T-shirts, which always have excellent sales each season.


The piste made of Supplex nylon, which has excellent UV protection and quick-drying properties, features the graphic of MID MEGURO, which represents Nakameguro, the home of both brands. The Nakameguro version of the Summit logo, one of the familiar icons of Mountain Research, is placed on both sleeves.

S/S TIE DYE TEE “不服従“ ¥6380

The sumo font logo used by Mountain Research is re-designed into a college style, reminiscent of Nakameguro school punks from back in the day. The body is a tie dye inspired by the coral of Indian jewelry. The simple TBGS logo that decorates the back is also nice.

S/S TEE “STAY“ ¥5500

In collaboration with BAJA STYLE TACOS in Nakameguro, which is loved worldwide by designers and artists from local to overseas. Let’s stay in BAJA for a long time with the STAY logo! It is a unique design that allows you to write your own favorite spot under the print. The BAJA version of the summit logo is on the back.

S/S TEE “GO XXX “ ¥5500

This lineup has a lot of designs featuring Nakameguro, which is growing rapidly as a cultural center. The collection will be available at Research GENERAL STORE and the online store. All the items are produced in small quantities, so I would recommend checking them out as soon as possible.

■…..Research GENERAL STORE tel:03-3463-6376