Engineered Garments x BEAMS PLUS bespoke 3/4 length pants with a relaxed silhouette.

1 year ago

“ENGINEERED GARMENTS” and “BEAMS PLUS” continue to advocate authentic casual wear that can be worn long term.

Collaborations between the two companies, which can be called a honeymoon like relationship, will appear this season as well. Based on the jungle fatigue pants that vintage fans are big fans of, they have been designed with a 3/4 length and the individual taste of designer Daiki Suzuki.

BDU 3/4 Shorts ¥42900

The design was inspired by bottoms that soldiers wore and had customized to personal specifications during the Vietnam War. While retaining the original details, they length is changed to hang just below the knees, and is customized by adding a front pocket.

A pocket with a button is added on to the front body. It can store smart-phones and other small items, making it very useful for outdoor activities.

The waist is lined just like you expect from Engineered Garments, which is not found in the original jungle fatigue pants. Easy size adjustment can be achieved with using a belt.

A type with tough military denim is also available. It also has a wide silhouette with a relaxed atmosphere.

Like Woodland, it has a drawcord on the hem so you can change the silhouette by squeezing it.

These pants have excellent functionally with pockets, while the silhouette and length give it a relaxed taste, and the military-like rugged design mixes a variety of elements. These are a pair of pants that help complement summer styling that tends to be simple.