A new evolution of Natal’s classic rob shorts that are perfect for both wearing in the city and going to the beach.

1 year ago

“NATAL DESIGN” is conscious of making edgy products, staying mindful of past traditions and current trends, as well as art and culture. Based on their classic summer model the “Rob Shorts” they have created a new version that is perfect for active lifestyles.


While retaining the old-school atmosphere of “Rob Shorts” reminiscent of the 70’s, the model’s iconic front braid has been removed to create a more solid look. The loose silhouette can be worn with any style of top, and at the same time, they are very easy to move in.

The long ribs on the waist, which seems to be a signature of Natal Design, feature a large glossy logo label. It is stylish that you can glimpse it from under the hem the tops you wear.

A mesh is placed on the lining based on a quick-drying fabric. It keeps a smooth feeling when wearing them even in a hot city area. Of course, they are also perfect for water activities such as going to the beach or swimming pool.

It is available in 5 colors including vivid yellow and pale pink.

Although basic, these shorts have a clean above-the-knee length, long ribs, a high-impact logo label, and brand-like elements that will have widespread appeal. They will be released in mid-July. The shorts are great for outdoor fanatics who want to wear shorts in every scene, from the city to the beach.

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