Reservations for Fuji Rock ’22 Official T shirts has started! Seven different groups of artists goods in collaboration with BEAMS.

1 year ago

The summer festival season is back! It seems like its been a long time but its finally back to normal. Last weekend, FFKT, forests, roads, markets and GREENROOM seemed to be booming in various places around Japan. Our summer has finally begun!

The world famous “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL” is going ahead full steam with the same momentum! They are now accepting reservations for their always popular “BEAMS” collaboration T series, which we will take a look at here.

Speaking of Fuji Rock, their official T-shirt line-up is always a hot topic. This time, it was produced in collaboration with a group of 7 different artists. Imagine a scene full of unique T-shirts by artists related to BEAMS, such as Ryusuke Eda (BAL), Mayumi Yamase, Koichi Yairi, Shiomi Wada, Kazuma Ogata, ZUCK, The Wonderful! Design works. It really is something to get excited about!

The Wonderful!Design works. 各¥4950

Mayumi Yamase 各¥4950

Ryusuke Eda(BAL) 各¥4950

Koichi Yairi 各¥4950

The FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’22 challenges a new phase with the theme of “from special Fuji Rock to the same old Fuji Rock”. I really agree with that sentiment and can’t wait to get my hands on at least one of these new items!

They are currently accepting reservations at the BEAMS official online shop. From Friday, July 1st, it will be sold at select stores. (* Please check the sales method below for details)