WHATNOT & Freaks Store collaborate to create a collection of real work!

2 weeks ago

“WHAT NOT”, which is located in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a production center for hardware, and has developed fashionable tools based on the design concept of “LIFE WITH TOOLS” The store also has many services such as DIY support which is popular with a number of fans.

They are also known for creating original gear that is useful for the outdoor scene such as containers and one-touch buckets that have excellent cost performance, so they are popular even amongst campers.

What Not has teamed up with popular select shop “FREAK’S STORE” to release a work x street-like clothing collection! Both brands are known for their love of classic American culture so this is a collaboration that you can’t afford to miss out on!

A work shirt that combines utility with current trends!


The shirt, which has an eye-catching uniform-like design, incorporates reflector materials and is designed with in a large silhouette that is currently on trend while adopting realistic work details such as color tape on the chest and pen pockets on the sleeves. The brand logo is embellished on the chest.

Wide painter pants with outstanding usability!


They also have created painter pants that are great to match with your shirt. The silhouette is wide while retaining unique functions such as hammer loops and side pockets. It features an easy type waist that can be adjusted with rubber and strings, making them easy to relax in and feel comfortable. This also comes with a removable patch.

Both are available in two colors, navy and black, and are available in three sizes S, M, and L.

This collection is perfect not only for active outdoor leisure, but also for various situations such as doing DIY at home or chilling in your garage! You can buy it at Freaks Store’s online shop or ZOZOTOWN.

■FREAK’S STORE ONLINE SHOP www.freaksstore.com