Check out the latest shorts from Gramicci, exclusive to Oshman’s! Featuring unique patterns and fabrics!

1 year ago

“OSHMAN’S”, which was born in the United States, first landed in Japan in 1985 and Gramicci has been a staple of their lineup ever since. Their connection is so strong that Mike Graham, boasted, “This is the number one shop in the world that sells Gramicci.”

At the same time, they also develop many bespoke items that are adjusted to Japanese trends. This season, they have a rich lineup of collaboration models that are great for daily use.

Here we will introduce some of the exclusive items from Gramicci only for Oshman’s, which have been created thanks to their long-lasting relationship of more than 30 years.

Stress-free and comfortable to wear even in the hot summer.


Made using a cotton and polyurethane blended weather cross fabric unique to this collaboration. Plus they have plenty of stretch to keep you moving, these shorts will help keep you comfortable even in summer.


Refreshing feeling that also keeps its shape well.


Next is Gramicci’s classic “G-SHORTS”, which have a neat design that is cut above the knee, and made with linen blend fabric. They are well-ventilated and cool, and the cotton blend prevents it from losing its shape.


Compact and packable design for portability.


There are also packable type shorts that were also popular last season. In addition to the lightweight nylon body, the front opening is made with Velcro so it will not rust. It has an amphibious design that can be used not only for town use but also for water activities such as the going to the beach and pool.


Outstanding storage for extra convenience.


As the model name suggests, it uses eco-friendly organic cotton. The large-capacity pockets on both sides boast enough storage capacity that means you won’t need to carry a bag, and Velcro fasteners are placed inside to prevent your belongings from popping out.

In addition to materials and designs, each model comes in a wide variety of colors, such as monotone black and casual beige, as well as leopard patterns that will add a visual impact to your outfit.

The various bespoke models introduced here are available on the M1F floor of Oshman’s Harajuku. You can really experience the design aesthetic of Gramicci at the premier retailer in Japan, and check out not only collaboration items but also other functional collections that are unique to the brand.