The 10th anniversary of Natal Design’s classic shorts is celebrated with a luxury new release!

1 year ago

The popular brand NATAL DESIGN, which started in 1999, has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the birth of the classic rob shorts, which has since become a staple of their collections. In celebration of the anniversary year of this masterpiece that has been regularly updated every year, a fashion orientated pair with an added sense of luxury is here!

The texture and patter of the fabric create a gorgeous look.

ROB SHORTS Monte Carlo 各¥18700

The body is made of velor fabric knitted with a unique and lustrous thread. In addition, a python pattern is embossed, and the glossy material and uneven texture create a luxurious finish. Despite the short length, they design is interesting so it creates a gorgeous and formal look.

It features an embossed snake pattern on glossy velor fabric. The three-dimensional effect enhances the luster and enhances the luxury feel.

This reimagining of a classic model is perfect to commemorate its anniversary. They look great when paired with sandals, boots, as well as seasonal loafers and dress shoes. The release is scheduled for mid-July. This is an item that has many repeat customers each year so I would recommend you to check the Natal Design website frequently so that you don’t miss out!