A neck strap from Cal O Line that adds a functional accent to your summer outfit!

1 year ago

During summer it can feel a little dull when you put on a short-sleeved shirt or wear a T-shirt on its own. It’s a good idea to add an accent with a necklace, but if you’re an outdoor lover who emphasizes functionality, you’ll be attracted to a convenient design that’s also useful outdoors, right?

That’s where the “CAL O LINE” neck strap comes in! It is an ambitious piece made in collaboration with the leather products brand “SEAN & BEN”.


A neck strap made of high-quality vegetable tanned leather crochet carefully finished by a long-established Italian tanner. Two key holders are attached, and it can be used not only for keys but also as an eyewear holder to hang reading glasses and sunglasses.

The straps length can be adjusted using a reflector cord that reflects light, making it safe to us even at night. The combination of different materials such as leather that gets better with age and a color code that develops better is also unique.

While based on an authentic leather crochet, this is an item that expresses the old and new in a modern way thanks to the materials used and small details. As it is an item full of utility, it will help to update your outfit not only for everyday use but also for outdoor scenes.