From Eyevan 7285, a limited edition model with a classic style has appeared.

1 year ago

“EYEVAN 7285” has a production background that combines the latest machines in addition to the manual work of skilled craftsmen in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan’s world-class eyeglass production hub. A special order model for their directly managed stores only based on the classic “338” model released in the past will appear.

338(43) ¥50600

The “338” was born based on a hand-drawn sketch that imagined a clear landing point between British and French vintage. The bespoke design has 2 pins on the front and 3 pins on the temple, creating a classic look that incorporates the elements of 1940’s French vintage.

The classic method of not showing the core inside makes the characteristic extra-thick temples stand out even more. Combined with the crimped dots, a classic vintage style has been realized.

In addition, an iconic part called the “military hinge” inspired by the zipper part of classic flight jackets is adopted, with a thick and voluminous form.

This new limited model, which combines traditional manufacturing methods and new technology, will be on sale from June 11 (Sat) only at Eyevan 7285’s directly managed shops in Tokyo and Osaka. This eyewear, which pays homage to the past but also has a modern essence, emits an aura that is not found in either existing or vintage items but something truly original.

■EYEVAN 7285 TOKYO tel:03-3409-7285