Japanese style garment using Mont-bell’s flame-retardant material for bonfire use.

4 years ago

The most enjoyable part of camping is often the bonfire. In order to enjoy that to the fullest Japanese brand Mont-bell have released their Fuego lineup that uses in house developed flame retardant material FlareTect fused with traditional Japanese clothing. 

More unique items join the party!

working clothes  (left)¥9612、(right)¥10584

These are traditional working clothes from Japan, employing FlareTect flame retardant materials originally developed by Mont-Bell. This means that you can safely enjoy bonfires when camping without any unnecessary worries. This set us is also incredibly comfortable and easy to move in making it perfect for work wear or relaxing.

The FlareTect logo on the inside indicates the high functionality of the garment.

An easygoing style with a relaxed silhouette and built in waist draw cord, the full set up if perfect for camping and even relaxing it home as well as having functional details such as the pockets. 

The influence of being a domestic brand helps to keep the traditional down to earth nature of the Japanese traditional style while making bonfires more safe and enjoyable. Speaking of the Mont-Bell brand have you already checked out the long awaited lightweight folding table?

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi

Text/Satoshi Yamamoto

Mont-bell www.montbell.jp