Meanswhile’s new waterproof gear using Dyneema fabric is perfect for work and rainy weather!

1 year ago

This season’s “meanswhile” collection advocates the theme of “overprotection”. Protective goods such as arm covers and leg covers using Dyneema composite fabric symbolize the theme of the season.

The fabric, which is made of extremely strong polyethylene fiber, is said to be 15 times stronger than steel despite its ultra-light weight, and is durable enough to block out water and UV rays. By adding this special fabric, the risk of getting wet from external factors has been reduced and comfort when out in the field has been improved.

Dyneema® Arm Cover ¥22000

This is a specification that can be worn over sleeves, and an inner sleeve is provided at the cuffs to fit your hand. This is the best product for simple work around water.

Dyneema® Leg Cover ¥22000

Designed to be worn over shoes, it can be easily fixed with Velcro, and a waterproof zipper is placed on the back for easy putting on and taking off.

Dyneema® Market Bag ¥14300

Daily use bags that adopt the same fabric are also available. Comes with a removable nylon belt and can be used in 2 ways, either on your shoulder or carried in your hand.

Dyneema® Chest Bag ¥19800

The chest bag has a two-chamber structure with a pocket with a wide gusset on the front and a storage space on the back that opens at 90 degrees. It has built-in rubber tape to hold smart devices like a tablet.

This is high-performance gear produced by an up-and-coming brand that has made prominent appearances at fashion shows in the past. Not only does it protect your body, but it also has a stylish appearance that can be incorporated into fashionable outfits.

The theme of over-engineering, which offers excellent levels of protection is sure to be very appealing to outdoors lovers everywhere.