Limited edition Post O’Alls mix set up made by authentic craftsmen.

9 months ago

“POST O’ALLS” appeals to fashion lovers with simple and robust manufacturing based on classic work, military and outdoor styles.

From Post O’Alls, a limited model of the “Post Chinois DV” that fuses vintage French china and French work wear has appeared.

POST Chinois DV ¥38500 E-Z Lax 2 Shorts ¥27500

This model is based on the shirt-collar China jacket worn by Chinese immigrants living in French-speaking countries since before the war. In order to pursue more realistic items from China’s historical background, production background around Shanghai was created.

They have adopted thin, plump, three-dimensional toggle button by hand, which can only be seen in good vintage French China. This is a carefully selected item that focuses on the fold-down stitching with fine needle movement and pocket work that only exists in pre-war models.

The matching shorts are based on the brand’s first easy pants the “E-Z Lax”. They feature a self-belting D-link closure at the waist, similar to that found on vintage USN athletic shorts.

In addition to cotton linen chambray and light denim, the crazy pattern (jacket ¥39,600, shorts ¥28,600) is also available.

In addition to combining the essence of France and Asia, the details unique to Post O’Alls, who have a deep knowledge of vintage, are also fused together. This high-quality set-up carefully finished by craftsmen in China will be on sale from Saturday, June 18th.