Sierra Designs versatile rainwear with a solid design bespoke to JS Rellum.

1 year ago

“JOURNAL STANDARD relume”, which curates adult fashion with a mature feel, have made a special order from “SIERRA DESIGNS”, an outdoor brand known for their use of Rokuyon cloth, to create an excellent bespoke collection using water-repellent fabric.

Solid daily use rainwear that is very comfortable.

Poncho ¥13200

This season’s bespoke project, which is popular every year, features 3 unique items. A rain poncho, cut and sew, and shorts made of 100% nylon water-repellent fabric. This rain poncho has a large pocket on the front and waterproof zips. Because this is all high-spec rain gear, it is useful in various scenarios such as when camping, at festivals, and when commuting from work or school.

T-shirt ¥8910

The T-shirt, which has a traditional outer shell texture and is very versatile, has a utility like design that can be worn regardless of the location, from town to outdoor scenes.

Shorts ¥7920

The collection also includes shorts, which are rare for their inline products. Each item has a solid design that shines not only on rainy days and when outdoors, but also in town, making it perfect for rainy season wear.

It is already being sold at all JOURNAL STANDARD relume stores and the official Bay Cruise online store. If you want to get your hands on this bespoke rain wear for the wet season then you better check it out as soon as possible!