The second project to create a G-SHOCK that is not a watch, but a ring!

1 year ago

As the second part of the project “G-SHOCK PRODUCTS”, which develops lifestyle goods from the “G-SHOCK” brand, denim items that are perfect for the summer will be available from June 22nd (Wednesday), and a special G-SHOCK ring will be released on Wednesday, July 13th.

“G-SHOCK PRODUCTS” is a project that was created to convey the identity of the brand through things other than watches, targeting people who aren’t familiar with G-SHOCK as well as core fans. The project is produced by the major Japanese select retailer BEAMS, and various different lifestyle items will be available.

3 new items that are full of originality!

For this new mini collection, they have used 14 oz denim woven with CORDURA® thread that is suitably tough as you would expect from a G-SHOCK product. A lineup of CORDURA DENIM SHORTS and CORDURA DENIM JUNGLE HAT based on silhouettes and designs reminiscent of the 90s are available.


The shorts have 6 functional pockets for storing gadgets, and an octagonal G name patch, which is also the logo of “G-SHOCK PRODUCTS”, is attached.


The “G-SHOCK PRODUCTS” icon and the octagonal G mark are stitched on the brim of the bucket style hat.

In addition, a silver ring is available that looks just like a watch. The design of G-SHOCK’s iconic model “DW-5600” is faithfully reproduced, so it is great not only as a fashion item but also to collect.

DW-5600 TYPE SILVER RING ¥33000 サイズ:S/ M/ L

For those who don’t know their ring size, they also made a G-SHOCK PRODUCTS original ring measure. You can print it out in A4 horizontal size and measure your own ring size which is very useful!

You can print out this image on A4 size, cut it out and measure your ring size.

* There is a possibility that the size may change due to swelling due to the time of measurement. Also, taking into consideration the joints of your fingers, please take measurements several times at different times of day and use them as a guide only.


The denim shorts and hat will be available for pre-order at 12:00 on June 16th and will be released on June 22nd at 12:00. The silver ring will be available for pre-order at 12:00 on July 7th and will be released on July 13th at 12:00. All of the items are for limited release only at the CASIO online store. The competition for stock is likely to be fierce, so if you are interested, be sure to check the online store as soon as reservations start!