Nanga and Pro Trek collaborate for the first time to create an eco friendly model with a military-like design.

1 year ago

The first collaboration between “NANGA” and “PRO TREK” has been realized thanks to sympathizing with each other’s stance on ecological issues and the environment. A collaborative model created with mountaineer Hirotake Takeuchi as a bridge has been designed with a passion for both mountains and sustainability.

NANGA × PRO TREK / PRW-6630NA ¥66000

It is based on the “PRW-6611”, which uses recyclable biomass plastic for the case, band, and back cover. The dial is decorated with a gold Nanga logo, and the logo design is also displayed on the back cover and ring.

In addition to a triple sensor that can measure direction, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and temperature with one push of a button, it is equipped with many practical features such as a multiband 6 that supports standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world, and solar power for the various functions. Full auto light that automatically turns on just by tilting your arm in dark places is also a great feature.

It is available in a number of bespoke colors such as olive green and coyote, inspired by Nanga’s underlying adventure spirit and consideration for the environment. The rugged appearance is reminiscent of a military watch and it is not only suitable for outdoors activities but also for daily use as a fashion item.

A pocket sized eco bag is specially included because they want you to live a sustainable lifestyle that is friendly to the environment. This makes it compact when stored, and convenient to carry.

Pre-orders for the wristwatch, which is a collaboration between two of Japan’s world-famous outdoor brand, will start on Friday, June 24th. The model, which reflects the love of mountains and nature, not only makes you aware of sustainable ideas for the environment, but also updates your outdoor life with designs and functions that will appeal to outdoor lovers everywhere.