An Imabari cotton pile blanket is now available in the Horse Blanket Research series by Mountain Research.

1 year ago

Landscape Products, which produces original furniture and designs spaces for shops and houses, has supervised the design this season of “HORSE BLANKET RESEARCH” a category line specializing in wool blankets by “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH”. As one of their new products, they have released a cotton pile blanket made from Imabari Towel, which incorporates a horse blanket pattern.

Made with 100% Imabari towel cotton pile, it is certified for its soft and smooth texture. The catchphrase “GOOD DREAMING MOUNTAIN BED” remains the same, while the design of the brand tag has been updated.

Cotton pile blanket ¥22000 each Cotton pile blanket small ¥7700

It is available in 2 color variations both featuring the familiar pattern of the horse blanket: ivory x sax and navy x burgundy. Two sizes are available: regular 1500 x 1550mm and small 1220 x 600mm.

The thick loop pile cotton has excellent absorbency, and it can be used like a bath towel for summer camps, swimming in the river, and when visiting hot springs and saunas. They are planning to develop a wide variety of other items, so stay tuned for more updates in the future.