Granite Gear’s staple packable tote bag made with vivid blue dead-stock fabric is now available exclusively to Ron Herman!

1 year ago

This beautiful blue color seems to go well with jeans and tailored jackets, so you can carry it around regardless of the season, whether it’s summer or winter, and it is also genderless. This bespoke item really brings out the charm of this dead-stock blue color.

The classic packable tote from GRANITE GEAR has been made with this custom color bespoke with Ron Herman. The material is silnylon, which was created by Granite Gear and whose strength has been increased by coating the surface with silicon.

This is a packable specification that can be stored in an inner pocket with a zipper and carried compactly. The opening is also zippered, and the material is water-repellent, so it can also be used as an organizer bag for sorting equipment inside your backpack.

Ron Herman’s signature brand color has tuned up this outstandingly useful classic staple item. The fabric was selected from amongst the dead stock that was not being used in the Granite Gear factory, and it has an impressive deep blue “MID NIGHT” color. It may be the reason why it is simple but still has a strong presence.

GRANITE GEAR × Ron Herman Limited AIR CARRIER for living ¥4950

It is scheduled to be released on Saturday, June 25th at stores nationwide as well as online stores. This is a very convenient and stylish looking packable bag that will make you want to go outside even more in the summer!