The second collaboration from Danner & Wind and Sea is here! Including the classic recovery sandals!

1 year ago

The second collaboration between the apparel brand “WIND AND SEA” and “Danner”, which features an impactful logo design, will be on sale from noon on July 1st! The collaboration features a lineup of urban outdoor items, including Danner’s famous sandals.

We want to pay particular attention to the “MIZUGUMO FLIP” recovery sandals. They feature cushioning, lightness, and a gentle hold that make you feel as if you are walking on water thanks to its unique technology “MIZUGUMO FOAM”, and they also boast toughness that can be used in any environment. A special model featuring the “SEA” logo where the Danner logo is normally placed will be available.


In addition to sandals, they have developed apparel items with an inverted logo as the main design and an orange brand tag that catches the eye. Outdoor features such as a packable and water-repellent mountain parka with four big pockets on the front and a safari hat with great attention to detail are mixed with a street style that Wind and Sea is well known for.

M Was Utility Jacket ¥29700

M Was Utility Shorts ¥15400

M Was Logo Tee ¥8800

M WaS insect repellent Hat ¥8800

From 12:00 on Friday, July 1st, sales will begin at the official WIND AND SEA ONLINE store, ABC-NETMART head office, and STUMPTOWN. On the following day, Saturday, July 2nd, sales will begin at WIND AND SEA NAKAMEGURO, WIND AND SEA OSAKA, and Danner stores. This is a remarkable collaboration that seamlessly connects the sea and the mountains. It looks like it’s going to be a great collection to keep you company this summer season!