A set of 3 polarized lenses with different colors! The new angler sunglasses from Zoff that are excellent value!

12 months ago

Sunglasses are indispensable for outdoor leisure, especially for anglers. It is no exaggeration to say that polarized sunglasses, which reduce diffused reflection on the surface of the water and make it easier to capture underwater conditions, are now a consider a type of essential fishing gear.

Did you know that “Zoff”, which offers eyewear at reasonable prices, has a collection specializing in fishing?

Zoff OUTDOOR for FISHING ¥13300

The “Zoff OUTDOOR for FISHING” is a 2-way type of sunglasses that does not use magnets, and comes with a set of 3 polarizing filters of gray, brown, and yellow that can be used according to the environment! With one set, you can use them anytime anywhere around regardless of time or location.

The light filter is easy to put on and take off because it just clicks and hooks on. A “roof” is provided on the top of the frame and on the cover side to prevent light from entering.

In addition, the use of lightweight materials ensures a comfortable wearing experience even for long periods of time. The nose pads and temples are made of soft rubber, and the fit is excellent, and it’s also nice to be able to make fine adjustments.

The base frame is a standard Wellington type that is easy to match with a wide variety of styles, and it comes in a total of four color variations: black, tortoiseshell pattern, and two-tone with red or blue sides.

Prescription lenses + 3 polarizing lenses, a dedicated hard case, and a set of purse-type glasses wipes are also available at a reasonable price. The frames are guaranteed for 1 year and the lenses for 6 months.

The polarizing filters are also sold separately (2,200 yen each). So they are easy to be replaced even if they are lost or damaged.

The “Zoff OUTDOOR for FISHING” sunglasses can be used as glasses for everyday use and also for fishing and camping. If you are interested, please check the official website because it is only available for purchase online.