The long-awaited resale of all 15 types of sunglasses with new colors added to the second collaboration series from JINS & Snow Peak!

12 months ago

Collaboration sunglasses from “JINS” and “Snow Peak” were released last summer and became a hot topic. We’ve heard from many people that they couldn’t get their hands on them because they sold out so quickly, so in response to the strong demand for resale, they’re releasing a total of 15 types with new colors!

The collaboration collection titled “Sunglasses that change from sun protection to sun enjoyment” is available in 3 series and 5 types. By bringing together the knowledge of both brands, it is an ambitious product that cleverly pursues both functionality and design, by doing things such as “minimizing the need to put on and take off eyeglasses and sunglasses” and “allowing for compact storage”.

JINS Switch ¥19800

The first series is the “JINS x Snow Peak JINS Switch,” which allows you to easily switch between glasses and sunglasses simply by attaching and detaching the clip-on lenses. The temple end is movable and you can easily adjust the fit, so you can rest assured even in situations and activities where you often face downward they won’t fall off. This also sees the introduction of a new navy color.

Folding SUNGLASSES ¥11000

The second is the “JINS x Snow Peak Folding SUNGLASSES”, which features excellent portability as they can be folded compactly and stored in the gap of a backpack when not in use. Both clear and translucent pink will be added as new colors to the series.

Rubber SUNGLASSES ¥8800

The third is “JINS × Snow Peak Rubber SUNGLASSES”, which has an all-rubber design and has a resilient frame that can be used safely even in active situations. The newly added charcoal gray and wood brown colors shine with their matte texture.

The original logo for this collaboration is on the inside of each sunglasses temple, and the Snow Peak logo is on the outside. In addition, all products come with an original case and Celite. The original case is a sacoche type that uses materials such as Snow Peak tent fabric and tent rope.

This is an attractive collection with various functions and designs that will appeal to camper’s hearts. I certainly want to get a pair for myself this summer. From July 21st (Thursday), sales will start at JINS stores nationwide, JINS online shop (scheduled to start selling from 10:00 AM), Snow Peak directly managed stores, and the Snow Peak official online store.