A new model appears as part of OMM’s popular rain shell series “Halo”. Super lightweight at only 130g while adding additional pockets!

1 year ago

“OMM” has gained tremendous support from trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who love the mountains. Among their lineup, a new type with minor changes has appeared in the popular “Halo” waterproof rain shell series that is ultra-lightweight and has excellent moisture permeability.

Halo plus jacket ¥29700

The “Halo+ Jacket” is a model that adds pockets to the popular “Halo” series. Zippered left and right pockets make carrying essential items more convenient on the go.

In addition, while maintaining a compact size that can be rolled up to the size of a tennis ball, it uses a waterproof and breathable material with a 2-layer structure that boasts 10,000mm waterproofing and 10,000m / 24hrs moisture permeability. The sewing is minimized with the use of tape, further pursuing lightness, with an actual weight of only 130g.

In addition, it fits perfectly around the face and cuffs, and has a structure that prevents wind entering even in bad weather. It is a high-performance rain jacket with solid protection that can withstand tough mountain marathons when exposed to tough elements.

While further improving the convenience, this is a full-fledged outfit that perfectly displays the brands core principles and beliefs and is now on sale.

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