A mixture of aging and functionality created by The North Face PPL, thanks to combining different materials of unique colors!

12 months ago

The other day, “THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL” released the look-book for the autumn/winter collection early.

The unveiled collection is a mix of function and fashion called “The Mountain Ivy”, and for this article we have picked up a jacket and overalls that use cotton polyester indigo weather fabric that will be released in early August.

Based on the classical outdoor design of the 70’s and 80’s, it has an oversized silhouette with a loose body width and a wide tapered cut that gives plenty of volume around the hips.

Indigo Mountain Wind Parka ¥39600

Indigo-dyed cotton is used for the vertical threads, and recycled polyester is used for the horizontal threads, creating a chambray-like texture. Based on the mountain jacket, the details of a military field parka are mixed in. The brand logo is embroidered on the left sleeve in the same color as the outer material.

Mesh is used as a lining around the shoulders of the jacket to reduce stuffiness and help keep you cool when carrying a backpack.

The front of the flap has a double zip, which makes it easier to adjust based on the temperature and expands the range of styling possible.

Indigo Mountain Wind Overall ¥26400

The design has been updated based on 40’s era overalls. The part that connects the chest and shoulder straps uses buttons that allow you to adjust the length and fit freely.

Keep an eye on the 22FW collection from The North Face PPL. In addition to the indigo items introduced here, there are many other items that we are sure you will be interested in. How about trying out this ivy outdoor style in the city or outdoors this autumn/winter season