A phantom American outdoor brand has been revived, starting with a bespoke order with Journal Standard Relum!

4 months ago

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, the American outdoor brand “HINE SNOWBRIDGE” is a legendary brand that was born in 1972 and produced many products that are said to be classics, but it ended in 1986.

As the words “The Packing Specialists” that often appeared in catalogs at the time, they produced items for the world of mountain climbers, but they are a brand with high scarcity value and are difficult to find eve even in the vintage market scene these days.

This infamous brand from the past will restart this summer, beginning with a collaboration collection with “JOURNAL STANDARD relume”.

For example, this bespoke T-shirt is printed with a slightly understated brand logo. On the front print, a bag that actually existed back in the day has been turned into a character and incorporated into the design, creating a bespoke design exclusive to Relum. It also features a modern size and has a slightly oversized silhouette.

Bespoke print T-shirt 2 ¥5940

This is a waist pouch that was described in the catalog at the time as being for skiing and low-mountain climbing. The thick and long waist belt also makes it easy to use as a shoulder bag.

Bespoke WEST BAG ¥6930

The Hine Snowbridge items, have a classically nostalgic design while also being in touch with modern times thanks to the help of Journal Standard Relum. It’s already available in stores, so be sure to pick it up and check it out!