From Koenji based brand “Manika”, a functional bag that can be used both as a purse and a sauna bag is now available!

1 year ago

“MANIKA” is a travel goods store based in Koenji, Tokyo. They are a brand that develops camping gear full of originality, including functional clothing that can be used for traveling and camping, as well as bonfire stands.

From Manika, we will take a look at a new item that seems to be perfect for the outdoors!

Kazura ¥6600

The latest new addition to the drawstring bag series that is a staple of Manika has arrived. It features a 2WAY specification so it can be used also be used as a wrapping cloth that can be fully opened by loosening the string. If you tie the string at the top, you can wear it diagonally like a bag, making it a fashionable item even when held in your hand.

Since it is a reversible specification, it is also possible to change the color according to your preference. When traveling or camping, you can store pots and tableware together, or use it as a storage bag for clothes. Depending on how you use it, it is a versatile drawstring bag that can be used for both everyday use and outdoor activities.

It is currently being sold at pop-up stores all over the country, and there are plans to regularly sell it on online stores in the future, so check out the latest info on their Instagram.

■MANIKA  Instagram:@manikafactory